As a civilization develops, a lot of new words are created. They allow us to describe processes in length and great detail, but only a few are actually able to do it, precisely and intellectually, using the right words at the right time. In my opinion, IBKK is capable of doing just that.


Velta Lasmane, CEO, Līvu Akvaparks




Iveta worked in journalism from 1992 to 2001. She began as a TV news reporter, then moved on to news producer and LNT (Latvian National Television) evening news main producer and announcer.

Up until the founding of the public relations agency IBKK, Iveta was an advisor to the RL Minister of Economics Juris Lujāns and the director of the marketing and public relations department of the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA). Under LIAA’s monitoring of the EU structural funds, she developed the first phase availability and awareness-promoting informative campaign in Latvia “Proti izmantot ES naudu!” (Learn to Use EU Money!). She personally developed the economic tourism sector’s awareness-raising campaign “Latvija sagaida 2 miljono tūristu!” (Latvia Welcomes its Two-millionth Tourist!) and was a task group leader for the RL Ministry of Economics, the Latvian Tourism Development Agency (TAVA) and the RL Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia. She has developed the strategic concept and managed the realization of the RL Ministry of Economics and residing foreign ambassadors’ forum “Ambassadors Forum Latvia for Partner”.



Zanda has been working in the public relations field since 2003. She participated in the creation of public communication for the World Hockey Championships in Riga.

Since 2006, Zanda is the project manager at IBKK. Z. Krastiņa worked in public communication strategic development for the Latvian Guarantee Agency (LGA) and directed the business awareness campaign “Nauda Tavam biznesam!” (Money for Your Business!)

Zanda has organized the Swedish satellite company’s SES previously SES SIRIUS, SES ASTRA seminars and conferences in the Baltics.

She has also worked for UniCredit Leasing as a leasing expert in image creation and its implementation in Latvia.

She has participated in the airport operator’s, TAV Airports Holding, strategic development and management of public communication in Latvia. In the context of strategy, Zanda has developed and “revitalized” the associative name for the Riga airport as North Hub Riga. She has developed the name, concept and strategy for the airBaltic aviation conference „Going to the North Hub Riga” as well as managed the organizing of it.