As a civilization develops, a lot of new words are created. They allow us to describe processes in length and great detail, but only a few are actually able to do it, precisely and intellectually, using the right words at the right time. In my opinion, IBKK is capable of doing just that.


Velta Lasmane, CEO, Līvu Akvaparks

Ivetas Balodes Komunikāciju Konsultācijas (IBKK) has been a strategically thinking and result-oriented public relations (PR) agency. We help our clients develop targeted communications, making use of the tools, methods and tactics of PR.


The planning of strategic communication is IBKK’s expertise, created in the agency by the founder, Iveta Balode. I. Balode has been known in Latvian media and the PR market for her specialized experience in image, communication strategy and public opinion campaign development and management.


Our clients are ministries and government institutions, finance, investment and leasing companies, aviation and telecommunication companies.