As a civilization develops, a lot of new words are created. They allow us to describe processes in length and great detail, but only a few are actually able to do it, precisely and intellectually, using the right words at the right time. In my opinion, IBKK is capable of doing just that.


Velta Lasmane, CEO, Līvu Akvaparks


Working and co-operating with ministries, government institutions and embassies, field associations, chambers and representatives, finance, aviation and satellite telecommunication companies, tourism, entertainment and catering enterprises and the media, we have experience in:


  • Strategic development and management of public relations and public image
  • Strategic development and organization of conferences and seminars
  • Development of media relations
  • Work with government institutions and officials
  • Formation of public opinion and journalism
  • Event direction planning and public perception research
  • Development of creative solutions for attaining the clients’ set objectives